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VeeLPO is the legal processing arm of Vee Technologies. We offer total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes to reduce costs by allowing them to focus 100% on their core business. Every day we work as an extended arm for law practices, paralegal firms and legal practitioners around the world who entrust an assorted range of their case load and processes to VeeLPO.
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Jen,Senior Manager of Operations,Leading Insurance Payor
What freaks me out is that I get an email from Vee and its dated tomorrow!–Incredible! Be ready to have such quick service with Vee!
Susan, COO, Cost Containment Company
It’s so cool - I can actually work when I sleep, it’s awesome! I go home leaving a pile of work and get back in the morning and my work is done! Woo!! This gives me time to focus on the key..