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Intellectual Property

There is surge in Novel inventions these days. The inventors are going all out to protect their novel inventions by patenting them. This has led to increase in filing of applications for patents that has led to increase in work for Patent Agents, Attorneys. To meet the demand of the applicants and reduce the hectic work pressure, outsourcing their patent work is the only way and VEE LPO is the answer to it.

Our intellectual property team includes qualified, experienced engineers and attorneys. These experts can help you streamline your intellectual property(IP) practices.

Vee LPO’s intellectual property Services include:

  • Prior art searches
  • Conducting patentability / novelty searches and examinations
  • Preparation of patent applications
  • Assisting Law firms to prepare database of Patents by patent coding procedure
  • Patent Litigation support services
  • Patent infringement defense
  • Drafting of patent complaint
  • Research on primary and secondary sources in support of damage claimed, doctrine of equivalents, exceptional case doctrine etc.