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Animation of Accidents

In this current challenging legal forum, it is quite a battle for an attorney to present a case to the jury and get a favorable verdict. To successfully litigate a case in front of the jury, it requires extensive verbal skills and legal knowledge. We all are aware of the fact that wining a pleading always depends on the facts and the law. Vee LPO with its high-end 2D and 3D animation software packages helps the litigation attorneys to illustrate and explain the incident in front of the jury in a more presentable manner. Vee LPO helps to present a case for expert witnesses so that the jury can comprehend the case better.

Vee LPO's animation team has in-depth knowledge of animation and they are backed by expert attorneys. Vee LPO’s animation experts have the experience and exposure in dealing with different legal fields like, Personal Injury, Accident Injury, Workman Compensation, Commerce, Medical Malpractice, Forensic Animation, Patent or IP, manufacture, and aeronautics. The purpose of litigation animation can be assumed as:

  • Visualizing an event
  • Visualizing the right timing of an event
  • Understanding evidences and facts
  • Understanding entire perspectives
  • Clarifying complex facts and data
  • Make complex information simple
  • Better perception for jurors