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There is a wide variety of jobs that an Attorney's secretary comes across during his/her professional responsibility. Secretarial work varies from typing, creation of charts/graphs, presentations, managing documents, follow up with clients, fixing appointments for Attorneys and any other administrative services. Hence, hiring a secretary appears necessary but might not be always affordable. You need to pay salary, medical benefits, sick time, lunch breaks. Hence law firms, in order to reduce the cost which ultimately has to be collected from its clients, have preferred to outsource the work to LPOs.

Vee LPO provides Secretarial services to law firms by acting as their virtual secretary. Vee LPO is there to assist all types of law firms as and when required basis. The Law firm’s Clients’ financial burden is also reduced. Many law firms may not have the funds to hire another employee but need seasonal help or just help with a few projects. That's what we're here for Contact Us.

Vee LPO assures that any and all communications will be confidential and your business objectives will be protected.

Advantages working with Vee LPO:

Affordable Cost

Pay only for the time that is taken to complete the project. You will not pay for superannuation, holiday leave, or office equipment.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our focus is on your project with 100% of the time utilized and assured. This allows you to focus on your business.

Extraordinary Outcomes

We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service with exceptional standards each and every time. We are reliable, trustworthy, and value client confidentiality. Vee LPO works as an extended arm of Client's organization, not as a service provider.

Vee LPO provides following services:

Renaming of Files:

Many files are sent to attorneys by their clients through fax, email and some are scanned copies of the documents that are required in their cases. To keep a constant check on the incoming documents and renaming them, organize them into a group is burdensome and time taking. Vee LPO helps attorneys to access which ever file they want even at the nth hour. By engaging us the Client / Attorney is relieved of all the pressures of maintaining files.

The client gives us access to his files or sends them through the FTP server to us. The files will be analyzed and accordingly renamed so that it could be accessed easily without browsing for them in his system. The method of naming is in such a manner that client can identify the required file easily without any glitch. The files are renamed in an orderly and systematic fashion.

Managing Court filings through PACER:

Every day the court gets a large number of plaintiffs and defendants documents, filed electronically on Pacer. These files can be accessed only on Pacer by having an id. The files that are filed are automatically placed in the Queue and numbered.

Vee LPO manages these files for the attorney. Files are uploaded and downloaded regularly from PACER for reference of attorney. This relieves the attorney of his pressure to stay in touch with the proceedings as well as manage these filings.

Chart of Correspondence:

The client - attorney and attorney - judge or Plaintiff Attorney-Defendant Attorney responses to questions posed are normally sent and received in email. The Chart represents in short all the correspondence that has been made among them, from the beginning to the end. The Chart gives clear picture as to the chain of conversations. These charts are handy in Discovery Stages.

The Team analyzes the email conversations (or any other correspondence) and briefs it for Attorney's easy reference.

Vee LPO has an experienced team that manages all the work within the TAT agreed with its client, with best Quality Assurance. Vee LPO follows two tier processes. The work is always checked for quality before sending to the client. We take pride in being able to work closely with our clients, being supportive, proactive, and providing a friendly, high quality service that results in achieving great success.