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Proof Reading

Legal proofreading is an art that is mastered by Legal Professionals who understand legal language or court language that is used in legal documents and it therefore requires a person with a legal background to be able to proofread such documents effectively.

Legal Proof Reading Team at Vee LPO checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes and improve the style and format choices of the document without changing the meaning of the text or the opinions and information contained in the document. Vee LPO Proofreads a variety of documents that include Contract Drafting, Contract Review, contract management,   Court documents, Business letters, Legal content for websites.

Vee LPO’s clients consist of law firms, practicing lawyers, legal translation companies and businesses.

Vee LPO’s legal proofreading service includes checking the documents and correcting them for use of:

  • Correct grammar
  • Reliable punctuation
  • Appropriate words
  • Correct spelling
  • Internal consistency
  • Logical structure
  • Readability and flow
  • Legal terminology

Turnaround time

Vee LPO provides you the proof-read documents within the shortest possible time. Vee LPO confirms the date and turnaround time as soon as it receives the documents to Proofread.