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References & Testimonials

I want to express my appreciation for the exemplary service provided to our company by Vee Technologies over the past 6 years. Our association has proven very successful and I look forward to our relationship continuing in the future. What started out as simple, basic data entry services has expanded to a myriad of professional services, including repricing, provider maintenance imaging, etc. Our two organizations can be proud of what we have accomplished thus far and we look forward to expanding the services based upon the needs of our clients.
Mr. Gabrione, COO, Leading Insurance Payor

It’s so cool - I can actually work when I sleep, it’s awesome! I go home leaving a pile of work and get back in the morning and my work is done! Woo!! This gives me time to focus on the key aspects and have been able to get effective work done.
Susan, COO, Cost Containment Company

That freaks me out is that I get an email from Vee and its dated tomorrow! – Incredible! Be ready to have such quick service with Vee!
Jen, Senior Manager of Operations, Leading Insurance Payor

Very responsive and an excellent provider. I will use them again.
David Million, Leading Healthcare Provider

Good work and easy to deal with, very responsive.
Joel Pate, Leading Insurance Payor